CITE 8 is the current software for all our test systems – so that you can generate test programs quickly and simply

System software

CITE (Computer Integrated Test Environment) is the software platform for all Digitaltest systems. It is a real-time system offering numerous tools for ensuring high test quality and shortening the testing time. With this software you can use Visual Basic, table-based GenFast or a combination of the two to generate and debug test programs quickly and simply. Find out what is new about CITE 8.

Test program generation

  • Automatic Program Generator (APG) creates the test program from the assembly description
  • Library for analog and digital In-Circuit tests
  • Simple variant handling
  • Programming in Visual Basic (VB 6, VB .NET) and/or table-based GenFast
  • Translation of test programs from any common test system
  • Recording of all test results for traceability


Test program debugging

  • Powerful debugging with GenFast and all functions from VB .NET
  • Single-step mode available
  • Debug window for displaying measurement results
  • Command parameters can be changed and the effects made directly visible
  • Simplified debugging with layout/schematic diagram viewer (optional) and highlighting of defective components
  • Any change in the status of the test program can be coupled with an action, e.g. after releasing a test program a current backup can be created and saved with the date and time


GenFast – table-based test program generation

  • Program generation without knowledge of a programming language
  • Easy to edit tabular structure
  • Comprehensive configuration options
  • Target changing of values
  • Statistical evaluation of all analog In-Circuit tests



  • Checks the hardware and localizes defective modules
  • Diagnostics on the relay level
  • Current self-test can be retrieved in the Customer Portal


Backup- and Restore Center

  • Saves a backup of the test program
  • Packs all the data from a test program including C-LINK Test Job in an archive
  • Files from the test program can be placed in various folders or on computers
  • The packed archives help our experts in troubleshooting